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1000FT Cat6 Plenum CMP Ethernet UTP Bulk Cable

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Buy high-quality Bulk 1000ft Category6 or Cat6 Plenum CMP UTP “Unshielded Twisted Pair” Ethernet Cable with enhanced voice. Cat6 Plenum Ethernet networking cable comes with enhanced performance, bandwidth, Audio/Video, broadband and in Reel packing for smooth and easy installation. This cable is perfect for use at home and in office also, can be used in indoor/outdoor applications.


Ideal for 10Base-T (IEEE 802.3), 100Base-TX (IEEE 802.3u), 1000Base-TX, 100 Vg-Any LAN (IEEE 802.12), Token Ring (IEEE 802.5), TP-PMD (ANSI X3T9.5), 350 Mbps CDDI, ATM 155, and all proposed category 6 requirements for high-speed, full duplex, parallel transmission protocols.


  • UPC: 4861823172086
  • Length: 305 M
  • Used in the place of CMP, CMR, CMG, CM and CMX cables
  • 23 AWG (American Wire Gauge) Copper Clad Aluminum
  • 4 pair UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair)
  • Up-to to 250MHz
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Plenum Rated Jacket
  • Reel Packing
  • Available in Blue, White, Red, Yellow, and Grey
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