Telephone Cord RJ11 6P4C Silver Satin - Reverse

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WESTCables offers Telephone Cord RJ11 6P4C Silver satin – Reverse. RJ11 6P4C Reverse cables reverse the right to left order of the pins inside the connectors. Reverse wiring is basically used for voice applications and easy to install. This reverse cable is available in lengths 7ft, 15ft, 25ft and 50ft and ideal for your installations.


  • Technology based Telephone Cord RJ11 
  • 6P4C Silver Satin-Reverse is available on 
  • Cheap rates and in wide range of lengths, 
  • Easy to install and work efficient in almost 
  • Every condition.
  • Satin Jacket
  • Reverse Length 7FT, 15FT, 25FT, 50FT
  • Easy to install 

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